About Us

Brandywine Quarry is a family-owned and operated quarry mine in Parkesburg, PA.

Brandywine Quarry offers its own quarried Chester County stones which include building stones, boulders, steppers and flagstones. Our stone is a quartzite made up of beautiful colors including rusts, tans and grays that only Mother Nature can produce.

"Atglen Green" is a limited edition stone produced on-site. We also offer scores of building and landscaping stones from additional quarries including granite, sandstone and fieldstone.

If you're looking for treads, sills or "dive" rocks, which are growing in popularity, we offer a customizing service to give you just the look you want.

Brandywine Quarry's latest endeavor is a partnership to form Pinnacle Stone Products. This allows us to offer real, thin, stone product lines. Our thin stone veneer is the same timeless, natural stone cut to improve the installation and application processes, while increasing efficiency. At only 1.5" thick, our thin stone product can be used in a variety of interior and exterior applications.

For your next project, no matter how big or small, inside or outside, stop by our showroom and see the timeless natural beauty of our unique stone products.

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Clients are raving about Brandywine...

Hi Jen!
The new mantel was installed today to finally finish our project!
Thanks so much for your suggestion to go with the 'bluestone'! You nailed it! We weren't thinking of going that way and really appreciate you telling us your thoughts...

Thanks again for all your help and PATIENCE!

Beth and Rod Dare