About Us

Brandywine Quarry is a family-owned and operated quarry mine in Parkesburg, PA.

At Brandywine Quarry, Inc., we are committed to producing the finest natural stone products available.

The unique rock-types used for our products are hand-selected from our numerous quarries throughout the United States for their outstanding color and texture. With our very own manufacturing facilities that are utilizing the latest technology, we are able to control the process; from mining, to sawing, to delivery. This allows us to create the best product and experience possible every time with short order times and competitive pricing.

Our Thin Veneer Collection is just one extensive product line we are dedicated to offering. We've scoured the nation selecting the finest granites, micas, quartz, sandstones, limestones, and more to deliver regional collections that embody the best geology, richest historical masonry, and diverse beauty of nature's composition. With over 50+ different types of stone produced, you are guaranteed to receive all the beauty, strength, and timelessness that natural stone provides. Along with our products comes a team of outstanding customer support with over 40 years' experience in the industry. Brandywine Quarry, Inc. is a family-oriented company servicing architects, builders, contractors and masons. We provide the products and knowledge to give you the confidence you need on every project, dedicated to providing the best purchasing experience imaginable.

You will see the difference when you select Brandywine Quarry products.

For your next project, no matter how big or small, inside or outside, stop by our showroom and see the timeless natural beauty of our unique stone products.

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Clients are raving about Brandywine...

Hi Jen!
The new mantel was installed today to finally finish our project!
Thanks so much for your suggestion to go with the 'bluestone'! You nailed it! We weren't thinking of going that way and really appreciate you telling us your thoughts...

Thanks again for all your help and PATIENCE!

Beth and Rod Dare