Building Stones & Natural Veneer Stones

Over 50+ different types of stone selection, from full thickness stones to lightweight, natural thin veneer stone, you're sure to find the perfect stone for your next project. Our nature's best creations are quarried and cut in the United States. Every stone is truly unique.

Full Thickness Specs - all stones are hand tooled to 4-6" depth. Choose from Brandywine's own building stone, Valley Forge building stone or a custom-blended combination of stones for a look that's uniquely yours!

Please note: sample panels give a representation of the stones colors and textures. Stone is a natural product, therefore color variations may occur. All stones need to be hand tooled by the installer in order to achieve desired fit and look.

Real Thin Veneer Specs - cut to a depth of approximately 1-1/2", with less than 15 lbs. per square foot. Add to a new or existing project without a bed or ledge support. Installs over concrete, wood, brick, block and can be used for interior or exterior projects. Cut corners are also available to complete your project.

Thin Veneer Stone Installation
Thin Veneer Ledge Corner Stone
Thin Veneer Flat Stone

Brandywine's Own Building Stone

Brandywine Brown Rough Square Stone

A beautiful blend of color, with a variety of tans, browns and rusts. Various shades of gray may also be present. Tooled by the installer to achieve square shape and used a cream mortar to soften the palette.

Brandywine Brown Irregular Building Stone

Beautiful spectrum of earth tones in our own Chester County stone. From deep browns, light golds and greys. The diverse color palette leaves the finished job rich in color with a patchwork effect. Change the look of your stone as well by using colored grout. This panel used a dark grout to highlight the stones character.

Brandywine Brown Ledgestone

Rusty browns, beiges and some rich gray with a smooth earthy surface and some shimmer, make this a customer's top choice!

Brandywine Green Ledge Stone

An overall grey with hints of greens, browns, and golds peaking through. The beauty in the seams of the stone will amaze.

Brandywine Green Building Stone

One of our most popular building stones. A beautiful sheen with green, gray with some brown and gold with black specks. Also available as a shadow rock cut.


Valley Forge Building Stone

Valley Forge White

Choose from full thickness (sizes 4-6") cut thin stone or boulders. Stone colors available from pure white to medium brown with various shades of purple.

Custom Blending

Mix and match stones from quarries across the US for a unique tapestry of color! We can get building stones from quarries across the US for a custom blend that is distinctly yours. Add an extra-special touch with mortar to design the look of your dreams. Finish the look with a custom-cut stone sill, water table to edge your stone or custom corbels to complement your fireplace. The possibilities are endless!

Need help choosing the right stone for your project?

Contact us with questions or visit our display to see over 40 different types of building stones, wall stones and flagging on display!