Steppers & Dive Rocks

The beauty of natural stone can enhance any landscaping project, large or small. You'll love the color variety, texture and longevity that only Mother Nature can provide.


Natural stone steppers make the perfect addition to any landscape, providing a diverse color palette and natural beauty that lasts a lifetime. Available in a beautiful array of tans, browns, rusts and grays, you're sure to find the perfect combination to enhance your landscape.

Our steppers are primarily flat and start at 3 feet wide and up. Custom cuts are also available with our on-site guillotine machine that makes special orders a snap!

For a formal appeal, our Black Granite Steps add a touch of class. Available in custom sizes with rock-faced ends and front and a flamed top.

Brandywine Brown Garden Slabs
Brandywine Green Stepper
Bluestone Garden Slabs
PA Fieldstone Garden Slabs
Chester Brown Natural Slabs
Susquehanna Field Slabs
Sahara Grey Stepper
Sahara Brown Steppers
Granite Stepper
Full Color Thermalled Blue Stone
West Mountain Thermalled Rockface Step
West Mountain Guillotined Steps
West Mountain Garden Slabs

Dive Rocks

A popular trend in landscape design, dive rocks are the perfect addition to natural swimming pool designs and water features. We can produce dive rock in large sizes up to 10-12 feet in width.